On Saturday, November 7, 1998, a group of men went fishing in the strait
between city of Singapore and Pulau Batam Island. The island has a number of
oil refineries and petrochemical complexes.

"We first saw a band of orange light at about 7:20 p.m.," the witness
reported, "At first we thought it was a light from a large building but, if
it was, it was a tremendously huge sort of building, as the light was
hovering above the ground about three times the height of the tallest
(industrial) chimneys, and at that distance it had to be the length of three
oil tankers."

The fishermen watched "as it appeared to grow larger for about a minute.
When he sought my opinion and pointed me toward the light, it was already at
its longest length. A few seconds after this, the light seemed to grow
smaller and smaller and eventually disappeared. I could not explain the
phenomenon, and he can't either." (Many thanks to Ross Dowe of Australasian
UFO Hotline for this news story.)