Terlihat di Singapura menuju Batam, 18 Nopember 1998


On Wednesday, November 18, 1998, at 3:25 a.m., Simon T.C.M. and his sister, Joanna T.A.M., were standing in an open field on Hill View Avenue in the island city-nation of Singapore, watching the Leonid meteor shower. "I and my sister had been watching the meteor storm since 2 a.m.," Simon reported, "and I was lucky enough only to see three very bright and fast needle- like meteor showers. Then my sister and I saw the strange meteor. It stayed in the sky for at least four seconds, and it was shining brightly and seemed to be dropping slowly downward. It was dark orange in colour and round in shape. It disappeared before I could raise my binoculars to get a clear look." "It is very strange because all the other meteor showers were under two seconds. And the orange light glided (east) to where the meteors came from. It also did not shine brightly like the others and disappeared into the dark." Elsewhere in Singapore, witnesses spotted a luminous gray sphere.

Rennie H. reported, "My wife and son and myself were at East Coast Beach when at about 3:15 a.m. or so, we witnessed a not-too-bright dull gray object moving from the left to the right in a straight line for a long period. The position as we saw it was...first at the horizon (in the southwest) toward (Palau) Batam (island) and then the object was between the top of one's head and the horizon. This happened after two meteor showers and about five minutes before a short meteor shower began."