On Tuesday, April 4, 2000, witnesses in a remote rain forest area of northern Borneo spotted a small triangular UFO flying north towards the Crocker Mountains.

The sighting took place on the island of Borneo, about 200 kilometers (120 miles) south of Ranau, East Malaysia, and just north of Malaysia's border with Indonesia's West Kalamantan province.

Witnesses described the object as "almost a triangular-shaped disc," with curved corners, "with lights shining red and green and smaller lights circulating on the edge of the disc."

"It stopped in the air for about 45 seconds and then flew off to the west of the Crocker range. The object was three times larger than a Mercedes Benz 230" automobile and was "shiny, as if it were silver in color. Haven't seen anything go that fast since an (A-300) Airbus taking off."

Our Borneo correspondent reports that this rain forest is "in a very remote area" beyond the range of TV or radio reception. "To be exact, no radio waves can be received at this particular location." (Many thanks to "the Wild Man of Borneo, Sarawak's Number One Party Animal" for this report.)