Graha Yasa Asri, Depok, 26 Juni 2005

Sunday, 26 June 2005 at 17.50 pm, was my lucky day or what

Hello, Sunday, 26 June 2005 at 17.50 pm, was my lucky day or what, When my daughter told me the was something up in the sky, I got out, Some people (my neighbors) already look at it, so I quickly look up and scan my eyes to the sky, it looks like to me “something like a meteor coming down to Earth and burning” , so I quickly got inside, took my DVD camcorder, and Record on it, only for few seconds, but I did! After talking what was happening to my neighbors, then I decide To transfer it to my pc, due to erase and write many times on My dvd-rw disc, so the result is some frame is frozen, but I got the master still on my dvd-rw, so it still function properly and better than my capture on pc that I distributed to you all…, many witnesses you could ask for, because they are my neighbors……… it was no sound, not hit the ground either, in the end of clip, that is my rooftop house, you can calculate how big that thing was… I watch on TV, there was no airplane crash or Meteor hit The earth that day, because if it was a meteor, that must be huge meteor, and can cause so much trouble, casualties and earthquake…. So I don’t know what it is…… But Before Jump Into any conclusion, please do research, gather more proofs, ask some witnesses in my area, then after that its taken, its up to you to say whatever you want…

This sighting was in Graha Yasa Asri, Jl. Raya Serua Sawangan, Depok, Jawa barat (west Java) Indonesia

Love N Peace
MS Gumelar-Indonesia

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