Abducted by UFO:

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Sudjana Kerton's Testimony

It doesn't' seem quite fair that the UFO stories we hear are only from other countries. There are a lot of encounters between human and those extraterrestrials in our own country. The one that quite believeable is a testimony by an artist, Sudjana Kerton, that claimed to be abducted by UFO at Dago Pakar.

Before he went abroad, Kerton the painter didn't know anything about what UFO is, not to mention believing in it. But after he lived in Uncle Sam's country, ia had a strange vision that he wouldn't forget for the rest of his life. It happened when he was in Denver. The Denver plan was romanticly covered by the full moon. Suddenly a strange phenomena high above in the sky startled him. The "object" he saw looked like a big cigar that hovering in the sky, the body was changeable into green and yellow. And after a while, lights, so many of them that uncountable, radiated from round about the object (the unidentified plane). It happened in August 1953.

After the incident in Denver that night, Kerton started to read books about reported UFO, books written by great writers. And from some references he read, he reached to a conclusion that what he saw in Denver that night could be a mothership from outer space that once seen and photographed by George Adamski in Desert Centre.

After that impressive vision, a hunch kept coming as if "whispering" an instruction that he and his family had to go back to Indonesia in order to build a house on a hill. And somehow the artist followed the "instruction" hunch. So he came home to Bandung with his American wife and daughter. Soon after that he built a house on the mountainous Pakar, which had a strange construction that looked like a flying saucer.

Sudjana KertonIn a particular lecture in Rotary Club, which I was there too, Sudjana Kerton told much about his special experience after he moved into his remote "round cage". It showed that UFO didn't only feel well in Denver or New York, but it also visited the unfamous Bukit Pakar for many times, as if those UFO's pilot knew that Kerton was back in his hometown.

In his claim, the artist that had international reputation, said that he often witnessed flying saucer that had strange light above his house, which his wife didn't notice. That was why his wife accused Kerton of being crazy for his crazyness about flying saucer. But the most impressive experience was when he was "visited" by a flying saucer late at night in 1979, when he was reading alone. That disk shaped unidentified ship that he often witnessed radiated light onto mountainous Dago Pakar at night, as if as looking for something, that time approached Kerton's workshop. Yes, approaching and approaching, untill his its shine touched the top of the trees near Kerton's workshop.

He was very shocked as that blinding light getting nearer as if as having desire to swallow him. Suddenly there was strange light shining all over him, hypnotising his consious. His soul wished to run away, but nevertheless, his body was stiffed, limped, with a strange consious covering him. In that "half dreaming" state, suddenly Kerton was picked up by two alien that looked like robot which was 95 cm in height. And those two creatures that walked "stiffly", guided Kerton who was unable to resist, passing through his yard, and then into a ship that hovering above the ground, walking on a beam of blinding light just like very delicate electromagnetic stairs.

In that "half dreaming" state, Kerton felt that he was brought to a very strange place which was all white, while he himself wondering: if he was still in the ship, or was brought to a faraway planet.

In half dreaming state, in an all white place, Sudjana Kerton met four "aliens" that were also in white which was about 3 metre. Kerton remembered that those tall creature looked like mongolian, with little eyes that a little upright in the edges, their mouth was like a thin line, and with a bold without hair head.

Still in that consiousness, Kerton didn't remember exactly what those "aliens" had done to him when he was in that white place. Then he realized, after he was suddenly back in his place (in the porch of his house), where he was kidnapped by those two robotic human. By the way, it turned out that he remembered vaguely when he just arrived in that strange ship, he saw a complicated picture that was carved on the wall (maybe a star map).

By the time he regained his consiousness, the UFO was gone. He felt horrible when he thought of that nightmare. Yes, he thought it was nightmare in the first place. But, ooohhhh..., his feet were covered by mud!

In that confusion, the sun rose, finally Kerton realized that the "experience" wasn't only a dream, moreover after he clearly saw his own footprints and those alien's printed firmly in his yard, that was wet and loose.

Every early in the morning, Kerton usually fed his chickens (with grain). But the strange thing was, in the morning after that incident, his chickens were sick, wouldn't get out of the cage for three days, as if as they were frightened. Could it be caused by the "electromagnetic" that was radiated from the flying saucer?

To strengthen authentic evidences on the remarkable incident, Sudjana Kerton made a casting mould of the abductor's footprints that if carefully noticed it seemed that the fingers were sharp and could be arrangged longer or shorter, to adapt to the slope it was stepping. Those short creatures guiding Kerton were only robots that were directly controlled from the cockpit of the ship.

Note: Sudjana Kerton passed away in April 1994.

Source: TAFAKUR DI GALAKSI LUHUR, by Dedy Suardi, p. 102-106. Published by CV Rosda, Bandung, 1989.