UFO Sighting near Mount Salak, Bogor, West Java (1998)

Indonesian language - Bahasa Indonesia

In April 16, 1998, at 5.30 am, UFO was seen near Mount Salak Bogor, witnessed by Herbangun.

That day in the morning was not so bright, a little cloudy. The rain fell down the night before. Herbangun was ready to go to work to Jakarta. He walked from his house to the south to the main road. Far in the front, there is Mount Salak. Everyone can see it When walking on that road. So did Herbangun. While walking, he stared to Mount Salak. Suddenly there was something appeared. He saw a yellow-glowing object flew to the south. It was around 40 degrees high and 3 kilometres far away from him. He thought that it was a signal light or a flare or something like that, but later he realized that a signal light or even a flare could not do like that. At the first time, he saw the object moved straightly from north to south, and then flew following the mount's contour, and disappeared in some edge.

The object was oval and sharp in the end part (looked like a short tail). The sighting was seen about 30 seconds.