Salatiga, 2003

My name is David Yacobus Hengkengbala, 21 Years old, I'm an Economic student from Satya Wacana Christian University in Salatiga (Central Java-Indonesia). I just want to send a picture of UFO maybe? I found your website from MSN search engine...

On Sunday,12 Oktober 2003, me and my friend Adit (also from Economic but 3 years older than me) were taking picture of scenery around Salatiga for our website. We took pictures from an unused bank building of BHS Bank. After we took dozens of shots around the building, suddenly my friend pointing to the distance and yelling "11... 11..." (I was getting ready to take pictures of the Mount Ungaran). I look at the 11'o clock direction and saw that something is... glowing? or perhaps I should say 'flickering' I think it's above the RawaPening Lake. It's like the sky is distorted and I could see something... weird? Then I just press the shutter and take the picture without having any chance to adjust the camera's focus. I'm disappointed when I'm getting ready to take another shot, the 'thing' or should i say the 'object' is like turning its color to transparrent so in a flash the sky just seemed empty.

We already question our friends about what is this,

Some says... look it's an airplane, it's a chopter, it's abird, it's a kite, it's a flying plastic bag, it's just a hallucination, even some says you must be joking right? Some think that I manipulate the picture. (Though I can use the Adobe Photoshop or other picture editing software, It's not funny for me to made such kind of hoax). And no plane route around that mountain.

Since nobody believe us here, so we just send the picture to UFO mania...
I never believed in UFO, but I think I saw something...
Anyway the picture I send you is without any modifications at all.
What we saw was light...
But the camera captures dark object with white glowing color on it's lower part...
We already protect the original picture in the camera's internal memory so we won't wipe it up accidently.
Beginner's luck maybe?
And here is the data:
Resolusi: 1200x900x24b JPEG
Setting : Good (Lowest Resolution -- we don't have any appointment wth UFO, if we knew, we will use the BEST Resolution ^_^)
Kamera : Kodak CX 6330
Date : 12 Oktober 2003
After that day, I wait for days just to look for such kind of encounter...
Big O... BIG ZERO...
I even try to capture flying objects with my camera such as birds, kites, airplane, etc...
Results in blurring picture...
So the object must be hovering and rotating...
You know what I'm thinking of now?
Hi-tech cloaking device?

Witness Background
Students at Management Faculty Satya Wacana Christian University

Other Comments
Do we have the technology?

Reported Sighting? Yes
Reported To: NUFORC, Local Newspaper
Name: David Yacobus Hengkengbala
Location: Salatiga/Jawa Tengah/Indonesia
Age: 21

Bentuk UFO serupa pernah juga dilihat oleh Eko Sukiyanto yang tinggal di Kudus, saat dalam perjalanan dari Yogyakarta ke Kudus, tepatnya di jalan raya jalan dari Bawen menuju Ungaran. Terlihat sedang diam di sekitar pegunungan ungaran. Menurut Eko, bentuknya mirip sepeti balon udara, lebih besar dari rumah (terlihat dari jarak sekitar 5 Km), mungkin sebesar heli superpuma. Saat itu sore hari, kondisi cuaca sedang hujan gerimis.

Diskusi: Apakah ada pangkalan UFO di sekitar itu? Banyak dikabarkan UFO mempunyai pangkalan di dalam sebuah danau. Di daerah Ungaran, Ambarawa ada Rawa Pening. Sebuah danau besar yang terletak di dekat kota Ambarawa antara Magelang dan Semarang. Menurut kepercayaan masyarakat setempat, di sana ada Sarpo Bongso, penguasa Rawa Pening. Menurut legenda yang ada, Sarpo Bongso ini siluman asli, yang telah tinggal di telaga itu untuk waktu yang lama bersama dengan penduduk golongan siluman.

Bandingkan bentuk UFO tersebut dengan yang nampak di Brazil pada bulan Februari 2006 dan juga di kota Jersey, NJ, bulan Agustus 2005.

The photos I’m now sending to you were taken in February of 2006 from my country house located in a village named Amarantina, in the surroundings of the city of Ouro Preto, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil. This flying object shot by the camera is quite clear and features a very modern and aerodynamic design with a round shape reservoir or tank underneath. The first photo is the original one, and the second one has been enlarged and trimmed, however no further adjust, improvement or editions have been made.

This photo was allegedly taken in Jersey City, NJ, USA, Aug. 2005. It took place when the photographer had pulled over off the highway to buy some fruits at an isolated fruit store and he snapped a picture of this warehouse in the lot over. He said he did not even see it when he took the picture. (Source: Xinhua Forum)