Central Sulawesi, Late June 2004
UFOINFO Sighting Form Report
Source: http://ufoinfo.com/sightings/indonesia/040600.shtml

Location: indonesia
Date: 3 am deep in the jungle
Approach Direction: in front of us
Departure Direction: above us
Witness Direction: same position
Description: enormeous craft with tremendous lights blinding lights and hover above us and disappear at extremely high speed
Color/Shape: lights were so intense it seems it was day light
Height & Speed: 100 metres coming at us at 25 miles an hour and disappears at 10000 miles or more an hour
TV/Radio/Press: no it was deep in the jungle

Follow-up information from Brian Vike:

Dear Mr. Brian Vike,

It is a strange event that happened, during the encounter with the craft (UFO). When we saw it we were dumbfounded, it took us at least twenty minutes to realize what we saw, then we went on with our lives. Then me and my friends sometimes talk about it until suddenly it hit me, my God, we have seen an UFO, a real one. So I decided to write to you and will explain it to you.

It was deep in the jungle on top of a mountain next to a series of lakes in central Sulawesi in Indonesia. My friend and I, we went there to a mining site for business-one night. We went out and on the way back to the mine at around 2:30 am, alone on the asphalt road we saw lights coming at us, very strong white lights. We immediately thought it is an airplane, but at this time of the night and this place, and flying so low, it could not be an airplane. There was absolutely no sounds and the night was beautiful and clear. Also the trajectory of this craft was like nothing we have ever seen. So then we thought, oh, it's a helicopter. But no helicopter in the world has such lights and with no sound whatsoever, even in such a remote place and at this time. Also it flew like a plane but hovered like an helicopter with extremely intense lights, so we thought it must be a human craft because human need lights in the night, but this light was extreme.

It was like a series or rows of projectors in front of this craft, at about one hundred meters in front of us traveling at a speed of 25 miles an hour. We also were in the car and traveling with open windows. When we saw it, we reduced speed as it flew right toward us. It was like the craft was following the road, yet still coming toward us and then it turned slightly right above us. The light became more intense on every side, then it suddenly took off at an enormous rate of speed and disappeared, with no lights, it just vanished. Also there was no hills and it could not have vanished just like that. The size of theobject was maybe fifty meters and it was the size of a Boeing Jetliner.

The next day we asked if there are planes landing, no planes at all and also not every day of the week and surely only twice a day morning and afternoon but not at 3:00 am in the morning. If you ask me what this craft was doing there, there is no question that for sure it is around there often, and for sure it must have a resting place. But it was not at all hostile. It was as surprised as us to see us there in front of each other now. I just remembered our car had very bad light so our car lights were very dim, so it was not afraid of us. But for sure it has identified us before, we did it so there are some more information tell you later some more must recollect the facts. I don't know how to do a diagram on the com I am not good enough with computers.

[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike & HBCC UFO Research for the follow-up.]