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1992 QBI
The first component of the Kuiper Belt ever observed. It´s possible that its red surface is rich of organics. A theory says that it´s placed there to function as a base for the Reptoids and the Greys armies, just waiting there for the right time to attack the earth.

A human or an animal that´s been captured by an alien.

The abductees have in allmost every case been studied by the aliens. They performed surgical operations, collected sperm, ova samples and tissues of all kinds. And in some cases an implant could be found.

Adamski, George
Adamski was born in Poland on 17th April 1891. His parents emigrated to the United States in 1893. Adamski claims that he´ve met humans from mars, venus and saturn. The ones living on Venus ´was called Venusians according to him. He has also been taken to the cities on the dark side of the moon and abroad spaceships. He claims that he has been told that all of our planets are inhabited. After his meetings in 1953 he started spreading the word of the Cosmic Philosophy which he had learn from the Venusians. He took several photos of theese so called UFOs and aliens. But most of them has been proven hoaxes. In 1954 a man called Thomas Eickhoff tried to bring him to the Tederal Court to with help from two scientists that had witnessed one of his space travells. But the court ruled that the subject of UFOs was considered Maximum Security by the CIA.

Air Force Office of Special Investigations. Their headquarter is located at Bolling AFB.

Allan Hills 84001
The oldest martian metorite to date. It was found in Antarctica were it crashed down for about 3,9-4,1 billion years. Earlier this year astronomers from Manchester University and scientists from the American Museum of Natural History released the news about the meteorite and that they had found organic materials in it. All theories about life on the red planet now seemed to be true, though it wasn´t little green men the proof of life in universe was confirmed. This discovery has given birth to new theories about life on earth developed from a martian meteorite. The age of the meteorite matches the time when scientists have estimated the life begun on earth, for about 3,5-4,1 billion years ago.

Alien Life Forms.

Alien Bases
There are four alien bases in the United States. One in Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada. In 1972 there were six bases and they all was on indian reservations.

Anderson, Gerald
In the year 1990 Gerald Andersson step out in the light revealing a story about a crashed saucer at the Plains of San Augustin, New Mexico. This event should have taken place in July 5, 1947. In the beginning his story seemed to be highly detailed and contained a lot of information about dates, times, locations and names. And the investigators soon took their sides in the debate. The belivers were represented by Stanton T. Friedman and the non-belivers by Kevin Randles. Under a long time the two sides exchange their oppinions with an almost hostile tone. Randle took deep investigations in the testimony and proved many of the statements made by Gerald Andersson to be hoaxes. The things that didn´t fit in Geralds story was incorrect namnes, mixed up times and he changed his idea of were the crash site was located. Friedman answered Randles evidence with many explanations. Most of them almost more unbelivable then the crash itself. When the story almost had been forgotten Gerald recieved a diary at his fathers funeral wich he claimed as the family diary. But again the dates, times, names and place sdidn´t match with the truth. But the most important thing is that the paper was avaible in 1947 but the ink wasn´t avaiable until the mid 70s. The belivers had to give up their hope of a crashed saucer. Stanton T. Friedman even added a preface in his book "UFO Crash at Corona" were he says that the testimony of Gerald Andersson isn´t reliable e Friedman camp conceded and his is book Crash at Corona, Friedman added a small preface informing the reader that the testimony of Gerald Anderson was no longer reliable.

Andreasson, Betty
Betty Andreasson Luca was born on January 7th, 1937 and married to her second husband Bob Luca. She´s a well known UFO abductee victim and has written several books and held lectures about her own experiences. She claimed that she´d been abduvted several times by the Greys and here opinion about was that they´r a sort of biological robots in control by higher humanoid entities. Books: The Andreasson Affair (1979), The Watchers, The Watchers II (1995). Under the abductions they took skin samples that she clamied that they used for the study of melanin producions.

Andrews, Colin
Investigator and expert on the Crop Circle phenomena.

See the Valle Classification System.

Aerial Phenomena Research Organisation. Founded in 1952 by Jim and Corel Lorenzen and their headquarters are in Tucson, Arizona. APRO, now defunct, was the worlds longest running UFO group and one of two civilian research groups singled out for monitoring by the CIA's Robertson Panel.

A project that that started in 1953 to compile the history upon this planet for the last 25,000 years and the aliens interfearence with the Homo Sapiens so that the projects could get the information necessary to their needs.

Groom Lake Dry area of the Nellis Air Force Range and Nuclear Test Site in the Nevada desert, about 80 miles NNW of Las Vegas. Here the US government is test flying their secret Black Projects wich involves military aircrafts and UFOs.

Arnold, Kenneth
On the 24th June 1947, pilot Kenneth Arnold observed nine strange objects flying in formations over Mount Rainier, Cascade Mountains, Washington. He had a second sighting five days later when he saw 20-25 brass-coloured objects within 400 yards when he flew over the La Grande valley. This started the UFO hysteria that´s been ongoing ever since. The term "Flying Saucer" was used by Kenneth Arnold to describe how the UFOs moved in the air. A misunderstanding that it was the shape of the UFOs he described gave birth to the now classical description "Flying Saucer".

Members of the Confederation of Humans.

They are blond nordic humanoids. The story about them is that they are captured by the Reptoids and have implants. They are hard to rely on as they switch side between the Reptoids and the Confederation of Humans every now and then.

Astronomical Units (A.U.)
It´s a measurement of space. The distance from the sun to the earth is one A.U.

Air Technical Intelligence Center. Located at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio. It worked as a controlling agency for the Project Blue Book. In a 1948 Top Secret estimate called 'Estimate of the Situation' ATIC concluded that UFOs were interplanetary spaceships. But the document was ordered to be burned by Hoyt S. Vandenberg in August 1948.

Aurora Project, The
A development project of two new types of aircrafts held at the AREA-51.


Barnett, Grady L.
Grady (aka Barney) Barnett workeda as a soil conservation engineer based in Socorro, New Mexico. Barnett was the one that first made the connection between the Roswell Crash and the by Gerald Andersson claimed crash on the Plains of San Agustin. But his story isn´t a firsthand testimony. He died before he even got to came forward with it. So everything we know about the Barney Barnett story is just a recreation made by his best friend Vern Maltais. This story was supprorted by Gerald Anderssons story. But as the Geralds story there are many things that doesn´t make sence like times, dates, places and names. Soon both this story and the Gerald Andersson story was dismissed as hoaxes.

Beckley, Timothy
The author to the following books: Mib Aliens Among Us, Mj-12 And The Riddle Of Hangar 18 (1989), fo SilencersUfos Among The Stars (1992).

Bedroom Visitors
Alien beings sighted in the house at night, often in the bedroom when the victim is a about to sleep.

The starsystem known as the home for the smallest Greys. The ones that are just about 3.5 feet at height.

Bender, Albert K.
Editor of the "Space Review", a flying saucer publication wich had to end the publications because of threats from three men in dark suits, and they ordered him to stop the publishing of UFO material. He wrote a book on the subject, "Flying Saucers and the Three Men in Black".

Bennewitz, Paul
An Alberquerque businessman who started to investihate and monitor strange electromagnetic pulses. He thought it was signals from UFOs flying nearby the Manzano Nuclear Weapons Storage Facility near Kirtland Air Force Base. He came to the conclusion that this must be the signals used to controll abductees with. He started to monitor the signals and trying to decode them. When he thought he was on the right way he contacted the APRO but they didn´t belive his theory. So instead he contacted the AFOSI. This was in September 1980. There he met Richard Doty. Bennewitz filled in some forms sent a few of his tapes with the UFOs flying over the Nuclear Storage taped on. After this Richard Doty started to fill Paul Bennewitz with disinformation. Stories about a US Gov/Alien alliance, alien bases around the world and on the moon and about the horrible experiments the aliens performed on humans to create hybrids. Bennewitz swallowed the bait and belived in all of the stories Doty told him. Then Doty convinced William Moore to pass on more disinformation to Bennewitz and he was going into a paranoid state of mind. Later on Paul Bennewitz told John Lear about all this and he used this information in his book, Dark Side Hypothesis. Paul Bennewitz ended up insane.

Berliner, Don
He´s the author of the following book: Crash At Corona: The U.S. Military Retrieval And Cover-Up Of A Ufo (1992).

Berlitz, Charles
He´s the author of the Book, The Philadelphia Experiment (1979).

Black Projects
Extremly sercret technological projects wich the US government invests about $50 billion a year and still thinks that it´s best that no one knows about them.

Blanchard, Colonel William
The officer at the Roswell Air Force Base who authorized the press release that they´d found the wreckage of a crashed UFO.

See Aryans.

Bluebolt, Project
A project held by the US Air Force in the early 1970s to do research in antigravity.

Blue Book, Project
It all started in March 1952 as a follow up to the Sign and Grudge Projects, to find explanations to all the UFO sightings. If there was any reason fear them as a threat to the national security. And if the UFOs used any kind of advance technology that could be usefull to the US. Thousands of reports were collected, analyzed and filed according to their results and there seemed to be no problem until one of the persons who worked in the investigation team sent in his own sighting. It was filed but later when he wanted to go back and refer to it the report couldn´t be found. It had dissapeared. He understood that reports that was unexplained and could cause fear in the public were sorted out of the files of Blue Book and passed on to a higher authority. As the result of the Condon Report the Project Blue Book was shut down in 1969. This project was the last publicly known UFO research project lead by the USAF. One of the investigators at Blue Book, Dr J. Allen Hynek, went on to start the first scientific based UFO group, the Center for UFO Studies, in 1973.

Blue fly, Operation
The logistical support for operations supporting Project Moon Dust.

An alien race that, just like the Greys, have almond shaped eyes, and according to what Ive heard their skin is translucent. This race is one of the more non hostiles. They came to earth with a messages of non-violence, peace and harmony. The few that stayed at earth lived with the Hopi Indians in Northern Mexico. They called them Star warriors.

Blum, Howard
He´s the author of the book, Out There: The Government's Secret Quest For Extraterrestrials (1990).

The Brittish UFO Research Organisations. The largest UFO group in Great Britain and has been going on since 1964. They are doing research into UFO phenomena and also publishes a bi-monthly journal called "UFO Times".

Byrd, Admiral
The pilot who flew over the South Pole and claimed that he found an entrance to an inner earth. The flight was commisoned by J. Edgar Hoover. In 1947, prior to the expedition in which he allegedly flew for seven hours over lands 'beyond' the North Pole, he is quoted as saying 'I'd like to see that land beyond on the Pole. That area beyond the pole is the centre of a great unknown' and claimed that this was 'the most important expedititon in the history of the world' and that the 'expedition has opened up a vast new land'.Before his death in 1957 Byrd described the land as 'that enchanted continent in the sky, land of everlasting mystery'.


Campbell, Glenn
Glenn Campbell, age 36, used to work as a computer programmer around Boston but moved to the desert town of Rachel, Nevada, in January 1993 but now he lives in an apartment in Las Vegas, 90 miles south of the secret military bas Area-51. Campbell moved from Boston only to investigate the rumours and stories about the so called Area-51 at Groom Lake. His investigations ended up in his book, The Area 51 Viewer's Guide. Glenn Campbell has always kept to the facts and not involved any emotional feelings in the subject. And that has given him respect and credibility. The information he collects through his investigation he publishes on his web site called the Area-51 Research Center. Through his devotion to the Area-51 and surrounding tales made the secret military base known to the public. Appearences in media by Glenn Campbell: ABC World, News Tonight and Larry King Live and several articles about him in magazines like Popular Science and The New York Times Magazine.

Carlotto, Dr Mark
During the mid 1980´s, TASC's Dr. Mark Carlotto developed an algorithm that enables one to extract approximate elevation relief from imagery. It´s a "shape from shading" algorithm. The Martian imagery provided an excellent dataset for prototyping this algorithm as with no atmosphere and well understood reflectivity, the surface provides near perfect Lambertian reflection - and hence a means of determining relative surface normals. He developed this algorithm under the same period as some scientists were reviewing remotly sensed imagery of the Martian surface. They discovered the so called "Face on Mars", a geological feature on the surface wich looks as a humanface. This discovery fed the old stories about asumed life on Mars. Stories that, by the way, seems to be true if you belive the scientist who found some kind of small single cell creatures on a 4 billion year old metheorite crashed on earth.

Carpenter, John
Carpenter is a ufologist who specialises in Abductees and their reports.

Cash/Landrum Case
Betty Cash (Vickie's Boss and restaurant owner), Vickie Landrum and her grandson Colby Landrum were driving along a road in Huffman in December 1980 when they saw a diamond shaped UFO hovering over the road. They had to stop because of the fire that belched out from beneeth it. At the same time they saw around 25 unmarked black helicopters wich followed it when it took of. After the encounter they all sufferd from vomiting, sunburn and diarrhoea. A theory that has been discussed it was the US government trying to fly a manmade Saucer.

Cathie, Bruce
Bruce Cathie works as a New Zealand Airline pilot. He claims that he´s discovered a world-wide grid system used by UFOs and writes about ut in his books: Anti-Gravity and the World Grid, Energy Grid: Harmonic 695 and the Pulse of the Universe, Harmonic Conquest of Space.

Cattle Mutilations
Started sometime before the 1970´s. Cattle are killed and found mutilated on the farm. Some are found completely drained of blood and some with vital organs removed, often the sexual organs. The surgic operations are so advanced to perform that the technics were´nt invented on earth at the time the mutilations started to appear. The connection between the mutilations and UFOs seems to be that discoveries of mutilated cattle and UFO sightings often go hand in hand.

Cammo Dudes
The military personnel in the surroundings of Area-51.

Citizens Against UFO Secrecy. It´s a non-profit organisation and they are working to uncover all existing documentation relating to the governments involvement in UFO investigations and research. CAUS files a great number of FOIA lawsuits to get the government to release documents that are relevant. They publish "Just Cause", a quarterly newsletter in wich you can read about events and UFO news from all around the world.

Charlmane, Emperor
In the year 810ad the emperors horse were startled by a silverball from the sky, and the emperor was thrown down on the ground. This report is one of the earliest and most vague ones.

Clark, Jerome
Author of the following three books: UFO Encyclopedia, Vol 1:Ufos In The 1980S (1990), UFO Encyclopedia, Vol 2:The Emergence Of A Phenomenon:Ufos From The Beginning Through 1959 (1992), UFO Encyclopedia: High Strangeness, Ufos 1960-1979 (1995).

Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Steven Spielberg´s movie about alien abductions. The name is from the Hynek Classification System and Hynek was by the way a friend of Spielberg. In the movie we see a French Scientist and he´s based on Jaques Vallee.

Close Encounters of the * Kind
See the Hynek Classification System.

Collins, Robert
He´s one of the persons that took part in the disinformation against Paul Bennewitz. He´s also known as "Condor".

COMunications INTelligence. The comunication section of the NSA.

Confederation of Humans
This is an organisation to help and protect the human race from the hostile races. The group is set out of aliens born ou of the so called, positive energy. The races included are Pleiades, Vega, Arcturus, Sirius and many other humanoid races.

Condon, Edward
The man who lead the UFO Project at the Colorado University. In 1969 they published "Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects", aka "CONDON Report". It was talking against the reality of UFOs and gave the USAF a chance to close the Project Blue Book without publish any public investigations of UFOs.

Condon Report, The
The US Air Force commissioned the University of Colorado in 1966 to make a scientific study of UFOs. The project was headed by Dr Edward Condon. In 1969 they published 'Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects' wich debunked the whole UFO phenomena. Later FOIA released documents have shown that CIA had involvement in the report and was responsoble for the debunking reports. The Condon Report was just use as an official excuse to shut down the Project Blue Book in 1969.

See Robert Collins.

Cooper, Gordon
NASA astronaut who has, like many other astronauts, witnessed UFOs in space. Gordon Cooper also claims that NASA has taken pictures of them.

Cooper, Milton William
Used to work forr the USAF but claims that he then moved to the Naval Intelligence. He made his first public apperance on Paranet with a report on a UFO sighting that he had whilst on the USS Tiru, a US submarine. He then started to send details of secret projects the US government dealed with at the time he worked for the intelligence. But when he was aked about some kind of evidence that what he claimed was true he didn´t give any. Instead he kept sending information about diffrent secret projects involving the US Gov and aliens. He was banned from Paranet but still kept on sending in reports, anonymously, to diffrent BBS´s and caliming that the researchers questioning his authenticity worked for the government to spread disinformation to the public. Although his reputation isn´t the best he´s a well paid lecturer who talks about his experiences. Some of his claimed US government projects are secret military bases on the Moon and Mars. He says that theese bases were built in the 1950s. Another of his strange theories are the assassination of JFK. According to Cooper he was assassinated by the cars driver. The reason that he was terminated was that he was going to tell the truth about UFOs to the public. None of this can be strengthen by any kind of evidence, except a seventh copy of the film shoving the assassination of JFK, in very poor condition. Perhaps his most bizarre story is that the aliens in US TV-series "Alien Nation" are real aliens who were employed as part of an indoctrination program so that the public will accept the reality of aliens more easily. He´s known for changing his mind very quick like when he first claimed that he´d met Bob Lazar and knew that everything was true of wich he spoke but then a couple of months later he changed his mind and said that he´d always known that Lazar was a Fraud. Most ufologists belives that he´s loosing his mind.

Creighton, Gordon
Former intelligence officer who is the Editor of Flying Saucer Review.

The UFO organisation in Uruguay.

Crlll, Crll, Krlll or Krll
Should be pronounced as Krill or Crill. The alien that they left as hostage to force the aliens to keep the agreement with the humans at the first Holloman landing.

Crop Circles
A strange phenoma that started to appear in fields around Britain mostly arround the famous Stonehedge monument in the 70s. But the phenomena has now grown to a world phenoma and circles have appeard in USA, Sweden an many other countries. Many researchers have tried to solve the phenomena and the theories suggested are numerous. Magnetic fields, twisters, hoaxes, alien visitors leaving messages and the most amusing theory about love crazed hedghogs running wild in the night.

Crystal, Ellen
Ufologist and author who claims that she´s been the witness of hundreds of triangular shaped flying crafts since the beginning of 1980´s. She also have taken photographs of several crafts. She´s the author of Silent Invasion: The Shocking Discoveries of a UFO Researcher (1991).

The Centre for UFO Studies. It was founded in 1973 by Dr J. Allen Hynek, after the Project Blue Book, in 1969, and NICAP, in 1973, was dissolved. The organisation is based in Evanson Illinois and they publishes the annual "Journal of UFO studies" and the bi-monthly "International UFO Reporter". Address: J.Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies, 2457 West Peterson Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60659 USA.


Dark Side Hypothesis
Written by John Lears and in it he claims that the US government has recovered all of the crashed space ships. And therefor they launched the Project Redlight in 1962 wich purpose was to recover and test fly the space ships in S-4 at Area-51. He also claims that the US government has made a deal with the aliens to abduct abduct as many people as they wan´t in exchange for their technology. They also demanded a list of all the humans they intended to abduct. But the government found out that they didn´t kept their part in the deal and it ended up in a confrontation 1978-79. Many of the top US scientist were killed by the aliens and the deal was broken. But the abductions and experiments on humans continued in secret. In the 1980s the US government and the aliens made a new deal and are once again working together.

Dark Star
A new high-tech american spy-plane that looks and acts like a flying saucer.

Daylight Disc
See the Hynek Classification System.

It´s the specially trained army for NRO.

Defence Intelligence Agency. In 1961 by Robert McNamara established the DIA. Its task was to co-ordinate all U.S Military Intelligence Services.

Used by governments all over the world to keep the truth about UFOs and other conspiracies secret to the public. They leak information that they know is false, but they also leak some information that is true.

Dodd, Tony
A former police officer, but now he´s the Director of Research for Quest Internetional. He´s a very respected researcher of abduction cases.

Doolittle, General
A long time ago he said that we would have to reckon with the aliens.

Doty, Richard
A special AFOSI agent also know under the codename Falcon. The one who led the disinformation against Paul Bennewitz and later employed William Moore to continue the disinformation. He also had the assignment to spy on other ufologists. They made the whole UFO community blush when they came forward on "UFO Cover-Up...Live" in the US. They were claiming that EBE´s were living in secret at earth and that they loved strawberry ice-cream and Tibetan music.

One of many nicknames for Area-51.

Defence Secretariat 8

Durant Report, The
The Durant Report (aka the Roberston Panel) was a secret group of men who had metings at Pentagon between 14-17th of January 1953 about the UFO disscusion and what they should do about it. They all agreed that all sightings were explainable. But they thought that infiltrating UFO groups and monitor should be done. The members of the Robertson Panel was: Dr H.P Robertson (Chairman) - Speciality was physics and weapons systems. Dr Luis Alvarez - Physics and Radar. Dr Lloyd V. Berkner - Geophysics. Dr Samuel Goudsmit - Atomic structure and statistical problems. Dr Thornton Page - Astronomy and Astrophysics. Dr J Allen Hynek - Astronomy. Frederick C. Durant - Missiles and Rockets.


Extra-terrestrial Biological Entities. The name given to the alien that survied the Roswell crash in 1949. He lived for about a year and then died in captivity.

Ecker, Don
Don Ecker is the Director of Investigations for UFO Magazine. He´s married to Vicky Cooper who is the Editor of the same magazine. In his many articles he has supported the work of Kevin Randle and crticised the William Cooper stories.

Element 115
A substance that yet has to be created on earth. But if it would excist it should be read as the 115 in the periodic table. According to Robert Lazar thats the substance he came in contact with when he was working at the Area-51. It´s used in some way with the propulsion engine in the crafts to create anti-gravity. When Element 115 is modified, claims Lazar, in a certain combination of protons, neutrons, and electrons, it will produce a stable form of itself. This new stable combination releases a larger, more powerful gravitational field than other elements. This force that is produced from the Element 115 is not like that which holds us to the earthand the planets in orbit. The Element produces a field of the same kind that holds atoms together. This gravitational field, you can say, bends the space-time continuum and travels in a non-linear direction. It´s like that the craft is standing still and space moves against.

Extra-terrestrial. Same as ufonauts or alien abductors.

Extra-terrestrial Exposure Law
In title 14, section 1211 of the Code of Federal Regulations there is a law wich was added without public debate. It´s a law that makes anyone who comes in contact with a UFO or an alien can be fined up to $5000 and be jailed for up to a tear. And a NASA administrator has the right to determine whetever a person needs to be in quarantine for extra-terrestrial exposure and for how long it´s necessary. Anyone involved with UFOs and aliens are according to this law criminals.

Claimed to be a weapon created to destroy the aliens underground bases. It carries a 1 megaton nuclear warhead.


Fawcett, Lawrence
He´s been investigating UFOs for 30 years, held membership in NICAP and APRO. He did also served as the Early Warning Co-ordinator in New England for the Air Force-sponsored "Condon Committee" UFO study. Now he´s the the assistant director and chief investigator for CAUS and he´s also on the National Board of Directors for CUFOS. He has written the books Clear Intent, The Government Cover-up Of The Ufo Experience (1984),The Ufo Cover-Up: What the Government wont say (1993) (Reprint of previous book).

See Richard Doty.

Face on Mars
The mysterious "mountain" on the Mars surface that some claims to be created by an inteligent lifeform. Others say that it´s just a strange coincidence.

Federal Emergency Management Agency. It´s referred to s the "Secret Governmet" of the USA. It was founded in the Richard Nixon Administrations, refined by Jimmy Carter and both the Ronald Reagan and George Bush administrations. When created it had one original concept, in case of a nuclear attack on the US Nations it should assure the survivability of US government.

Fire in the Sky
Movie based on the Travis Walton abduction case. But the real story differs from the script. They added some things to make the story dramaturgic.

Fire in the Sky
The book written by Travis Walton in wich he tells about his experience as an abductee. The book reveals many details not known before.

Flying Saucer
The newspaper that published Kenneth Arnold´s story about the nine strange boomerang shaped objects that he´d seen, they called them "flying saucers" because he said that they moved like a saucer skipping over the surface of a lake. So it´s not because they looked like saucers as many belive.

Flying Saucer Review
The oldest UFO journal that still exists. It was founded in the 1950s.

Freedom of Information Act. The law formed in 1966 by the US Congress that allows the public to obtain copies of classified documents with all or parts of it declassified. But it´s on order of a federal judge and if he thinks that it should stay classified it´s his decision to refuse declassification.

Foo Fighters
During World War II, both sides reported strange lights following their aircrafts. Some say that they looked like shiny metallic spheres. They all belived it was somekind of a new secret weapon of the other side. But none of the sides claimed to have sent them up in the air.

Forrestal, James V.
He served as Secretary of the Navy but later on, in July 1947, he was promoted to Secretary of Defence. In March 1949 he resigned from this post due to a mental breakdown. In May the same year he died at Bethesda Naval Hospital. The cause of death was said to be suicide but there are they who belives he was murdered. Also there´s a rumour that says he was a member of the argued Majestic-12 Group.

Fort, Charles
Charles Fort was born in Albany, New York, in 1874. He became a writer and reporter and that was the beginning for Charles Fort´s interest in the UFO phenomena. Fort is probably the first known Ufologists in the world. Charles Fort started to study old news reports and did that for many years. What Fort found out was that there was a pattern of strange aerial phenomena that had been reported throughout the years. The information Fort collected under his investigations can be found in his books The book of the Damned (1919), New Lands (1923), Lo! (1931) and Wild Talents (1932). "Science is established preposterousness, Science of today - superstition of tommorrow. Science of tomorrow - superstition of today". This Charles Fort said and it represents what he stood up for. What worried Charles Fort most was that the subject of UFO phenomenas wasn´t taken seriously by science. Charles Fort died in 1932. In 1973 the monthly magazine Fortean Times was founded to continue the work of Charles Fort.

Fortean Times
A monthly magazine of news, reviews on research and strange phenomena and experiences. It was founded in 1973 to continue the works of Charles Fort.

Fowler, Raymond
Raymond Fowler served with the USAF Security Service but now Fowler´s a well respected Ufologist. Raymond Fowler is well known for his methodical research of the UFO phenomena. He has changed the whole original scientific research and given it a new look. One of the many who praise Fowler´s work is Dr J. Allen Hynek. Raymond Fowler has followed up the Betty Andreasson Luca case for 25 years and written the following books: Watchers The Secret Design Behind Ufo Abduction, The Melchizedek Connection, The Allagash Abductions.

Friedman, Stanton T.
Stanton Friedman is a nuclear physicist and UFO Researcher. His work as a nuclear physicist included secret programs dealing with nuclear aircraft, fission and fusion rockets and nuclear plants constructed to be used in space. For 37 years he´s been lecturing and doing research into the UFO phenomena. Stanton Friedman was first person to investigate the Roswell incident. Stanton Friedman has written the following books: Crash At Corona: The U.S. Military Retrieval And Cover-Up Of A Ufo (1992), Top Secret Majic (1996).


Goldwater, Senator Barry
Senator Barry Goldwater, former Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Barry Goldwater has made several attempts to investigate the rumours about Wright-Patterson Air Base holding UFO evidence. But all of them has failed. This is what he said in a letter, 28th March 1975, to all Ufologists: "The subject of UFOs is one that has interested me for some long time. About ten to twelve years ago I made an effort to find out what was in the building at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base where the information is stored that has been collected by the Air Force, and I was understandably denied the request. It is still classified above Top Secret. I have, however, heard that there is a plan underway to release some, if not all, of this material in the near future. I'm just as anxious to see this material as you are, and I hope we will not have to wait much longer."

Greenwood, Barry
Barry Greenwood has been doing researches in the UFO phenomena since 1964. Greenwoods interest for the UFO phenomena has led him to were he is now. Barry Greenwood is the historian, archivist, and Middlesex County director for the Massachusetts Chapter of MUFON, he serves on the Board of Advisors for CAUS and he´s a member of the organisations CUFOS, APRO, and BUFORA and holds associate memberships in the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the American Astronomical. Barry Greenwood is also the author of the following two books: Clear Intent, The Government Cover-up Of The Ufo Experience (1984), The Ufo Cover-Up: What the Government wont say (1993) (Re-print of previous book).

Ground Saucer Watch
It is a UFO Investigation Group.


Haines, Dr Richard
Author of the following books: Advanced Aerial Devices Reported During The Korean War (1990), Melbourne Episode: Case Study Of A Missing Pilot (1987), Observing Ufos: An Investigative Handbook (1980), Ufo Phenomena And The Behavioural Scientist (1979).

Hale Bop
A comet on a long trip journey in universe. Calculations say that it will show up on the sky in the beginning of 1997.

Haleys Comet
A comet on a long trip journey in universe.

High Agility Low Observable. An aeroplane in the third generation stealth strikers in the UK. The project is held at Warton, Lancashire in UK.

A comet on a long trip journey in universe. It was seen on the sky under the first half of 1996.

Hill, Betty and Barney
This case is based on information gained through hypnotic regression. In September 1961, Betty and Barney Hill returned from their holiday when they saw a bright light moving rapidly in the sky. Barney wen´t out of the car to get a better look of the UFO. It was shaped like a coin with two wings. In the windows they could see figures running around. He ran back to the car and continued their trip home. They noticed that they had lost two hours without knowing why. They told the same story in separate rooms under hypnotic sleep. The car was stopped by the UFO and they were taken aboard the UFO and there they were separated. The aliens examined them and took samples of tissues from their bodies. Onboard the space ship Betty was showned a 3-D holographic star map. She could make a drawing out of it under hypnosis and an amateur astronomer searched for a constellation wich match the drawing. The astronomer came up with that it have to be the star system Zeta Reticuli.

Hill-Norton, Lord
A retired Brittish admiral who is convinced that there is a Government UFO cover-up. Lord Hill-Norton is also known as Baron Hill-Norton of South Nutfield. Hill-Norton has written several of the forwards in the books of Timothy Good.

Hillenkoetter, Vice Admiral Roscoe
Admiral Hillenkoetter was the 3rd Director of Central Intelligence from 1947-50, and the first CIA Director. Hillenkoetter was one of the first intelligence chiefs who publicly said that they belived the UFO phenomena to be real. He was latter on the board of directors of NICAP.

Hill-Norton, Lord
A retired Brittish admiral who is convinced that there is a Government UFO cover-up. Lord Hill-Norton is also known as Baron Hill-Norton of South Nutfield. Hill-Norton has written several of the forwards in the books of Timothy Good.

Hoagland, Richard
For many years Richard Hoagland claimed that the US Government as well as NASA is covering up the alleged 'Face of Mars' in the Cydonia region of Mars. Hoagland also claims that NASA has video taped UFOs filmed during shuttle missions. And Richard Hoagland says that NASA has more evidence of a civilisation on the surface of Mars except the picture of the "face". Pictures of pyramids and a fortress are some of them.

Holt, Alan
Alan Holt is a physicist and aerospace engineer. Holts main work centres on the development of the astronaut and flight controller training programmes associated with Spacelab. But Alan is also engaged in theoretical research into advanced types of propulsion engines for space crafts. Alan has also been involved in Project Visit, a unofficial NASA UFO study.

Hopkins, Budd
A painter and sculptor from Mannhatan. He wen´t to the Oberlin college. For the last 13 years he´s been investigating UFO reports and especially abductions. With the help of hypnotic regression he tries to help abductees. He got the interest when he saw a UFO by himself. Hopkins is the author of the two books: Intruders: The Incredible Visitations At Copley Woods, and Missing Time: A Documented Study of UFO Abductions. The book Intruders has been filmed and shown on TV as a series of two episodes with the same name as the book.

Howe, Linda Moulton
Linda Moulton Howe is a UFO researcher and writer with a speciality in abductions and mutilations. Linda has written the following books: An Alien Harvest Littleton (1989), Glimpses Of Other Realities, Volume 1: Facts And Eyewitnesses (1993).

Hynek, Dr J. Allen
Allen Hynek worked for the Air Force´s project Blue Book. When he started his attitued against all who had seen UFOs was that, with his own words, only "kooks ans Crackpots" saw UFOs. But after a couple of years he started to notice that many of the reports wasn´t made up by kooks and crackpots, but highly credible militaries and civilians. But after dismissing several credible witnesses at the Michigan sighting with the natural cause of swamp gas he resigned. Hynek led the investigation of the Socorro landing case in 1964 with the FBI. He went on with the at the time young Jaques Vallee and founded the Center of UFO Studies in Illinois in 1973. Hynek later become a member of the Robertson Panel. In 1986 Dr J. Allen Hynek died. Under his life time Hynek wrote theese books: The Ufo Experience: A Scientific Inquiry, Night Siege: The Hudson Valley Ufo Sightings and What You Should Know About UFOs.

Hypnotic Regression
With hypnotic regression it´s possible to recount experiences that has been stored in the subconscious memory. And there´s a theory that you see and hear are stored there. But it´s very unreliable and there are known cases of people lying under hypnosis.


Identified Alien Crafts.

Ice Caves, The
One of the Greys secret bases on earth. It´s located near Los Alamos Laboratory Facility in New Mexico.

Often a spherical device implanted about 40 to 80 microns in size near the optic nerv in the brain. But other shapes have also been found. And at diffrent places on the body. Elbows, knees, neck, ancles, noseetc. etc. Attempts to remove the implant has caoused death in some occasions.

International UFO Reporter
A bi-monthly journal published by the CUFOS. It summarizes UFO news and current sightings.


Jacobs, Dr David
An associate Professor at Temple University and through the years he has worked with over 300 abduction witnesses. One of the many abduction researchers he´s working with is Budd Hopkins.

Joint Army Navy Air Force Publication

Jason Scholars, The
See the Jason Society.

Jason Society, The
It was a society started by President Eisenhover to find out if there´s any life in universe. For more information see MJ-12.

The project wich was funded to build a weapon that generates a low frequency pulsed sound.

Journal of UFO Studies
Annual journal that contains scholarly papers on ufology.

Japan UFO Science Society. Publisher of the monthly JUFOSS UFO Newsletter. The President of the JUFOSS is Jun-Ichi Takanashi.

Just Cause
A quarterly published journal by CAUS. Started in the year 1984. The Staff: Lawrence Fawcett (Asst Director & Publisher), Barry Greenwood (Research Director & Editor), Peter Gersten (Director). Address: P.O. Box 218 Coventry, Connecticut 06238.


Keel, John A.
Keel had a theory about alien entities as not only extra-terrestrials but "ultra-terrestrial" entities from a dimension not known to humans. John Keel belived that they don´t like humans and just looks at the human race , with his own words: 'like ants, trying to view reality with very limited perceptive equipment...We are biochemical robots helplessly controlled by forces that can scamble our brains, destroy our memories and use us in any way they see fit. They have been doing it to us forever'. Keel is the author of the following books: Disneyland of the Gods, UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse - 1970 and The Mothman Prophecies - Illuminet Press - 1991.

Keyhoe, Major Donald
Major Keyhoe, a former US Marine pilot, who headed the investigating organization NICAP for many years. Keyhoe had the respect of military personnel, especially pilots, who confined in him more than other UFO investigators. Keyhoe wrote the book The Flying Saucer Conspiracy - Henry Holt - 1955. In 1988 Major Donald Keyhoe died.

Killian, Dorthy
Dorothy Killian was a journalist for the International New Service in USA. On May 22nd 1955 Killian published a report wich now is quiet famous. Now it is considered as a piece of disinformation. In the report Dorothy Killian wrote: "British scientists and airmen, after examining the wreckage of one mysterious flying ship, are convinced these strange aerial objects are not optical illusions or Soviet inventions, but are flying saucers which originate on another planet. The source of my information is a British official of Cabinet rank who prefers to remain unidentified. 'We believe, on the basis of our inquiry thus far, that the saucers were staffed by small men - probably under four feet tall. It's frightening, but there is no denying the flying saucers come from another planet.' The official quoted scientists as saying a flying ship of this type could not possibly have been constructed on earth. The British Government, I learned, is withholding an official report on the 'flying saucer' examination at this time, possibly because it does not wish to frighten the public."

Kinder, Gary
Gary Kinder is the Author who investigated the story claimed by Eduard Meier (mka Billy Meier). But the book had some weak statements and theese were later brought to public by other ufologists. Kinder is the author of the book Light Years: An Investigation Into The Extraterrestrial Experiences Of Eduard Meier (1987).

Klass, Philip
Philip Klass is most known as one of the leading UFO debunkers. Klass is the Former senior avionics editor of 'Aviation Week and Space Technology' and has written the book: Ufos Explained (1974).

Knapp, George
George Knapp, a TV newsman, who brought out the Robert Lazar story to the public. George Knapp did a series of interviews with Lazar.

Kuiper Belt, The
The ring of ice that circles around the solar system 37 to 59 A.U. from the sun.


A russian dog, but also the first living creature in space.

Landrum, Vickie
Vickie Landrum, her 7 year old grandson Colby and Betty Cash (Vickie's Boss and restaurant owner) witnessed the famous Crash/Lundrum Case. They saw a UFO and around 25 black helicopters and after the incident hey all suffered from vomiting, sunburn and diarrhoea.

LaPaz, Dr Lincoln
Dr LaPaz was an astronomer for the University of New Mexico. In 1949 the Air Force used Dr LaPaz as a consultant when they conducted investigations into the 'green fireball' reports. The investigation was called Project Twinkle. LaPaz conclusion was that these fireballs were neither meteorites or conventional fireballs. Later Project Twinkle was shut down.

Lazar, Robert
Robert lazar is a scientist with master degrees in physics and electronics and wrote his thesis on MHD (magnetohydrodynamics). Lazar worked in Los Alamos as a technician and later as a physicist in the Polarised Proton Section dealing with particle accelerators. As a side project on his free time he has built a jet powered motorbike and a jet powered car and can raise a speed limit as high as 350mph. Lazar ha also designed and buildt a car that uses hydrogen as fuel. Robert Lazar claims to have worked at the above top secret area S-4, located ten miles south of AREA 51 in the Nevada desert. Lazar says he was employed as a scientist to examine a captured alien craft and try to reverse engineer the crafts propulsion mechanism. This was between December 1988 and April 1989. According to Lazars claims there were nine diffrent crafts at S-4 but he only worked on one of them. Lazar learned that the crafts used a sort of propulsion system that uses gravity waves. To gain the energy needed to run the system they neededElement 115, an element not found on earth. The element can not be syntetisised and just one kilogram of the element releases the same amount of energy as 47 10-megaton hydrogen bombs. Lazar claims that he had 500 pounds (227.27kg) of Element 115 to work with and that one craft only needed 223 grams of the element. Lazar says that he was allowed to go inside the craft and he also witnessed a test flight with the craft. The reason that Lazar left the work at S-4 was that he took three of his friends, one of them John Lear, to the edge of S-4 to observe the test flights at the border to S-4 through a telescope. This was on March 29th, 1989. They did see and also filmed a bright light rise in a step manoeuvre and hover in the air. It briefly disappeared and reappeared a few feet higher, and then the light went down the same way. The following week on April 6th 1989 they went back but this time they were caught by a security guard. Their IDs were filed in a computer at the Area-51 and they were ordered to leave the area. The following day Lazar was ordered for a meetin at the Area-51 with an FBI agent and some security guards and he was resigned. The first time the Lazar story was revealed in public was in March 1989. Under the pseudonym Dennis and in shadow with altered voice Lazar told his story on KLAS-TV. The name Dennis Lazar picked of the reason that his boss at S-4 was named Dennis Mariani. Robert Lazar finally decided to go completley public after he was fired at whilst travelling on an Interstate highway. This happened after Lazar got caught outside the Area S-4. The reason Lazar went public was to protect himself. If anyone would kill him after the story and his identity was publicly known that would prove that he was telling the truth. So in November 1989 Robert Lazar went on TV to tell the full story. Lear John
Author of the book "Dark Side Hypothesis". He listened to the story Paul Bennewitz told him and part of it he used when he wrote the book.

Lindemann, Michael
Michael Lindemann was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1949. At the Stanford University he studied political science and psychology. During the Vietnam era Lindemann got his interest in arms control, foreign affairs and government policy. At Antioch University Lindemann finished his BA degree psychology and after that he studied two years at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley. The knowledge Michael Lindemann had gained through his studies he later used as an educator, futurist and socialanalyst. In 1989 Lindemann started a private research organisation called the 2020 Group. The purpose was to study the forces that shape the future. Michael Lindemann started to do investigations in the UFO phenomena to find out if there was any possible connection to covert weapons development and social policy. After having examined several cases Lindemann launched the Visitors Investigation Project to conduct and publish UFO research. In 1994 Lindemann co-founded the first online institute to study cases of human contacts with intelligent alien life forms. It is called ISCNI, the Institute for the Study of Contact with Non-human Intelligence. ISCNI has many offers to the public like private classes and lectures with researchers and they also publishes a twice-monthly online newsletter called ISCNI*Flash. Michael Lindemann is the President of ISCNI and yhe assistant editor of the ISCNI*Flash. Lindemann has also held lectures in almost every state in the USA and been on many Radio/TV shows like Art Bell, Hieronimus, Sightings, Encounters, The Other Side, Paranormal Borderline etc. etc. The 2020 Group has published yhe following titles: UFOs and the Alien Presence: Time for the Truth (1990), UFOs and the Alien Presence: Six Viewpoints (1991,republished 1995), UFOs and the New World Order (1992), UFOs and the Alien Presence (1992, 35-minute videotape written and hosted by Michael Lindemann) and UFOs and the Global Situation" (1994, two-hour videotape and three-hour audiotape versions).

Lorenzen, Corel & Jim
The two Lorenzo brothers founded the APRO in 1952 and it became one of the longest running UFO groups. They have written the following books: Abducted! (1977), Flying Saucer Occupants (1967) and The Great Flying Saucer Hoax: The Ufo Facts And Their Interpretation (1962).

Los Angeles Air Raid of 1942, The
February 25th, Los Angeles. During the second World War fired against a belived target in the sky. But when they sent up airplanes to investigate they just saw 15-20 zig-zag flying strange objects.

The alien moonbase on the Moon. It´s based on the far sid of the moon and was seen and filmed by the Apollo crew. The aliens are running a mining operation there and also have their large mother ships there.


McDonald, Dr James
Dr James McDonald worked as a senior physicist at the Institute of Atmospheric Physics and a Professor in the Department of Meteorology at the University of Arizona. In 1967 McDonald committed suicide in strange circumstances not long after he had tried to get NASA to take on the responsibility of UFO reports. In the report he said: "Curiously, I have said this both in NASA and fairly widely reported public discussion before scientific colleagues, yet the response from NASA has been nil...Even attempting to get a small group within NASA to undertake a study group approach to the available published effort seems to have generated no response. I realise, of course, that there may be semi-political considerations that make it awkward for NASA to fish in these waters at present, but if this is what is holding up serious scientific attention to the UFO problem at NASA this is all the more reason Congress had better take a good hard look at the problem and reshuffle the deck....I have learned from a number of unquable sources that the Air Force has long wished to get rid of the burden of the troublesome UFO problem and has twice tried to 'peddle' it to NASA - without success".

Mack, John Dr.
John Mack is a Pshycologist and abduction investigator. He is the author of Abductions and Abduction: Human Encounters With Aliens (1994).

Magnet, Project
A project established on 2nd December 1950 to look into magnetic theory relating to UFO Propulsion. The Head Engineer Wilbert Smith stated in an interim report dated 25th June 1952: "If, as appears evident, the Flying Saucers are emissaries from some other civilisation, and actually do operate on magnetic principles, we have before us the Fact that we have missed something in magnetic theory but have a good indication of the direction in which to look for the missing quantities. It is therefore strongly recommended that work on Project Magnet be continued and expanded to include experts in each of the various fields involved in these studies".

Code word for the President of the United States, used for communications regarding the MJ-12.

Majority Agency for Joint Intelligence. The agency wich is responsible for all information, disinformation around UFOs and aliens. Operates in conjunction with the CIA, NSA and the DIA.

Stands for MAJI controlled and is the clearence and classification of all connected material, projects and information involving aliens.

Majority, Operation
The operation wich deals with everything that concerns aliens on earth.

Marfa Lights
Lightballs bouncing around in the air and changing colors. Named after the town they first was sighted in, Marfa, Texas. There are many theories on what they are, like swampgas, carlights, ball lightning and of course somkind of alien space ships.

Mariani, Dennis
According to Robert Lazar Dennis Mariani was his boss at the Area S-4 when he worked on the recovery of daptured alien crats.

Martin, Jorge
Jorge Martin is a ufologist from Puerto Rica. Since 1975 Jorge has investigated over a hundred UFO incidents in the island of Puerto Rico. Jorge has also written several articles about the apparent "abduction" of US Navy jets, an encounter between human beings and alien beings in the Cabo Rojo area and the sightings of UFOs alongside military aircraft.

Memory Loss
A common experience after an abduction. Many use hypmosis to bring back their memories.

Men in Black
The MIBs are a group of individuals dressed in black suits and driving unmarked black vehicles, such as cars and helicopters. Their mission seems to be to threat people who have claimed that they´ve had a close encounter of any kind, not to talk about the incident.

Menzel, Donald H
Donald Menzel is director of the Harvard College Observatory. Menzel was involved the National Security Agency and held a Top Secret Ultra security clearance. It is said that Donald Menzel was a member of the MJ-12 as an astronomical consultant. Menzel is the author of the following books: Flying Saucers (1953), The Ufo Enigma: The Definitive Explanation Of The Ufo Phenomenon (1977) and The World Of Flying Saucers: A Scientific Examination Of A Major Myth Of The Space Age (1963).

See Men in Black.

Michalek, Stephan
Stephan witnessed and also managed to touch a landed UFO on 20th May 1967. After the incident he became ill. This incident is more known as the Falcon Lake case.

Missing Time
A phenomenon involved with close encounters and UFOs. The anti gravity field bends the gravity and time slows down. That´s why time is missing.

Majestic Twelve. A secret control group. President Eisenhower started a secret society known as The Jason Society (The Jason Scholars) to find out about all this alien fuzz. It was made up of 32 of the most promising men in the country, 1972. 12 of them were designated MJ-12 and have total control of everything, only responsible in for the President. The MJ-12 assassinated John Fitzgerald Kennedy when he was going to reveal the whole cover up story about the aliens on earth. They have a secret meeting place in Maryland only accessible from the air. The codename is "The Country Club" and only those with Top Secret/MAJIC clearence are allowed to go there. MJ-12 runs the CIA, FBI and the world´s drugs market. Also known as Majic-12, Majority-12 and Majesty-12.

Mogul, Project
A project held in 1947. It was a top secret project wich purpose was to reveal soundwves from secret nuclear tests in Soviet, using big balloons. One of this balloons is claimed by the military to be the so called UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico.

Moon Dust, Project
A project, officially known even though it is classified, started to retrive space debris of foreign or unknown origin.

Mutual UFO Network. It´s the worlds largest international UFO organisation. Publishes the monthly "MUFON UFO Journal".

Many of the military and government personnel had been murdered when trying to reveal the secret conspiracy.


The National Aeronautic and Space Administration. NASA was established in 1958 to co-ordinate and direct aeronautical and space research programme in the United States. NASA is a civillian agency but co-operates with CIA, NSA, NRO and other agencies. Because of the sensitive aspects of many of the NASA research programmes many of its personnel have high security clearances owing. Among all of theese programs one of them are about research of the UFO phenomena.

North Atlantic Treat Organization.

National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena. NICAP was founded in 1956 Thomas Townsend Brown, former Navy physicist. For many years NICAP was headed by Major Donald Keyhoe. Later it became known that many of the persons with high positions within NICAP used to work for CIA. Evidently NICAP was one of the civillian groups singled out by the CIA's Robertson Panel.

Nocturnal Light
See the Hynek Classification System.

Nocturnal Disc
See the Hynek Classification System.

North American Aerospace Defence Command. NORAD was established to protect the North American continent from any sort of attack from the air. Every year NORAD recives about 25,000 UFO sightings of wich a little percentage remains unssolved. Since 1960there has been over 10 Million of such unexplained cases.

According to the MJ-12 it´s an alien race with blond hair an human like body.

National Reconnaissance Office (or National Recon Organisation). The task of NRO is to monitor and oversee international communications and the operation of the nations spy satellite system. NRO is a classified top secret intelligence agency with a budget of over $2 billion a year. It is also responsible for security for all alien or alieen crafts connected profets.

National Security Agency. NSA is the worlds largest eavesdropping agency and was founded in 1952 under President Truman. The NSA is based at Fort George Meade, Maryland. In 1,000 acres the NSA has its own college with over 20,000 students, television station with studio, own power station, and a total of 50,000 personnel. The NSA is divided in ten main departments. Four Operational Divisions, One training unit, Five Staff and Support Sections. There are many documents the NSA refuse to release but CAUS has managed to obtain some of them wich deals with the UFO phenomena.

The National Sighting Research Center. NSRC is a non-profit organisation were six part-time researchers work. The researchers are specialised in DBMS (microcomputer-based data base management systems) micro telecommunications, statistical analysis, and trend analysis. NSRC gathers all forms UFO data and publishes it in computerised reports wich are provided at their data base for professional ufologists. They have published the National Sighting Yearbook since 1988. Contact NSCRs Co. Director Bob Sylvester at the adress: P.O. Box 76, Emerson, New Jersey 07630.


Oberg, James
James Oberg is a well known UFO skeptic who used to be the senior mission controller of NASA. Oberg´s an expert on the Soviet space program. Oberg is the author of the book "Red Star in Orbit".

Old New Moon, Project
Post-Blue Book UFO investigation.

According to the MJ-12 it´s an alien race with red hair an human like body.

The star system known as the home for the taller Greys. The ones that are about 7 - 8 feet at height.

Orion Empire
Aliens like the Greys and the Reptoids, the ones that are said to be born out of negative energy. Also known as the Orion forces.

Owen, Ronnie D.
Ronnie Owen works as an hypnotist and abduction researcher. And together with Dr J. Allen Hynek and Jerome Clark among others Owen has worked on many famous cases. Owen has written the book Out There: The Government's Secret Quest For Extraterrestrials (1990).


Palmer, Ray
Ray Palmer works as the editor of "Amazing Stories". Palmer was one of the first to exploit the UFO phenomenona and brought amazing stories to the public about UFOs based inside the earth. Ray Palmer was one of the first to publish Admiral Byrds story about the hollow earth.

A forum on the internet that was founded in 1986. It was originally distributed as a newsletter via e-mail and was ment to deal with all kinds of paranormal phenomenas but the UFO interest took over. Now it´s developed into a bunch of newsgroups on Usenet. On Paranet people like Robert Lazar and Milton William Cooper made their first public statements.

Pinball, Project
The Project Pinball was an attempt to track UFOs on radar. The project took place in Alaska.

Pine Gap
A military base in Australia wich can be referred to as the Australian Area-51. The rumours around Pine Gap is very similar to the Area-51 rumours. People claim that they have seen aliens and UFOs on the military base and in the area around it.

A project wich deals with the diplomatic relations with the aliens.

They are said to come from the star system Pleidas. They doesn´t appear in physical form, because they think it´s safer and instead they communicate through the channel. They are from the future, 500 years to millions of year from now. Their society operates on love.

Pluto, Project
The project to evaluate all UFO/IAC information pertaining to space craft.

Pope, Nick
Between the years 1991-94 he was the UFO desk officer at the Ministry of Defense Secreteriat (Air Staff) 2a, in the UK. In the beginnig he was a sceptical but changed his mind and now fully belives in UFOs. He´s written a book abou his time at the MoD, it´s called "Open Skies, Closed Minds: Official Reactions to the UFO phenomenon. The forword is written by Whitley Strieber.

Pounce, Project
The project wich has the responsibility to recover crashed spacecraft and aliens and evaluate them to gain more knowledge about space technology. It was proposed by Kirtland AFB, early 1950s.

Pulse Detonation Engines
A strong and poverfull engine that could bring a plane up to about Mach 0.2 - 3.0.


For the time beeing there isn´t any Q words, terms or people. If you feel that you have something to add here, please contact me at mike@bahnhof.se


Radar Cases
See the Hynek Classification System.

Radar Visual Cases
See the Hynek Classification System.

The Royal Air Force of Great Britain.

Ramey, General Roger
Roger Ramey worked as an officer at the Roswell Air Force Base in 1947. Ramey was the officer who immediately ordered a second press release saying that it was a weather balloon that had crashed in the desert. Not a UFO as the first press release said. All of the concerned people was also oredered by Ramey not to speak to reporters about the incident.

Randle, Kevin
Kevin Randle is a ufologist and author most known for his books about the Roswell Incident. Randle has through his detailed research been able to obtain many new evidences about the case. One of the most important things is the date the crash, from the 2nd July to the 4th of July in 1947. Kevin Randle is the author of the following books: A History Of Ufo Crashes (1995), The October Scenario: UFO Abductions and Theories about them (1988), The Truth About The Ufo Crash At Roswell (1994), The Ufo Casebook (1989) and the Ufo Crash At Roswell (1991).

Randles, Jenny
Jenny Randles is a UFO researcher and Author. Jenny has written the following books: Abduction: Over 200 Documented Ufo Kidnappings Investigated (1988), Alien Contact (1982), Could Ufo's Be Real? (1991), Crop Circles, A Mystery Solved (?), From Out Of The Blue: The Incredible Ufo Cover-Up At Bentwaters Nato Air Base (1993), Looking For The Aliens And A Psychological Imaginate and Scientific Investigation (1991), Science And The Ufos (1985), Sky Crash: A Cosmic Conspiracy (1984), Strange and Unexplained Mysteries Of The 20Th Century (1994), The Pennine Ufo Mystery (1983), The Ufo Conspiracy: The First Forty Years (1987), Ufo Reality: A Critical Look At The Physical Evidence (1983), UFO Retreivals: The Recovery of Alien Spacecraft (1995), Ufo Study (1981), Ufos and How To See Them (1992), Ufos: A British Viewpoint and the World's Best Ufo Stories (1994).

Recovered Space Crafts
The most known are Roswell (twice), Aztec, Mexico and Texas and some other.

Redlight, Project
The project that is held at Area-51 to test fly captured flying saucers. Mention of this project has appeared in several FOIA documents and witness accounts.

The aliens claim that they have created all of our major religions. They also claim that they through hybridization created Homo Sapiens, Jesus and that the whole crucifixion is filmed on tape.

They´re an evil reptilian race from the star system Daco. They use implants to control the Greys, and they in turn use implants to control humans. Their own planet is dying and they need anew one and are going to invade earth with a large army in the mid 90s. They eat human as food.

Roswell Autopsy
The footage that is claimed to be taken under the autopsy of the dead aliens from the Roswell crash.

Roswell Crash
In New Mexico, the night of 2nd July 1947 something crashed an was found by the rancher Mac Brazel. Diffrent sources claims that they´ve seen the space craft and its entities. But the wreckage and aliens were captured by the military and kept as a secret.

Rutkowski, Chris
Chris is a ufologist and author and has written some pieces for the Flying Saucer Review. One of Rutkowskis best articles are about the Falcon Lake case were Stephen Michalek witnessed and touched a UFO.


The top secret installation at Area-51 where the nine gravity propelled discs were held, according to Robert Lazar.

Santilli, Ray
Music video producer and the person who brought the "Alien Autopsy" to the public.

Saucer, Project
The first Air Force UFO project. Though it wasn´t official the public knew about it.

Sea Shadow
A stealth battle cruiser constructed at Hughes Mining Barge mobile dock. It´s been active since 1983.

Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. It was founded to scan the sky for electromagnetic waves from an unknown intelligence. The SETI project was shut down by US Congress in October 1993 due to budget cuts. Ufo researchers are skeptic to the project. As Dr. Pierre Guerin in "Flying Saucer Review", "The government already knows that aliens exist and don´t use electromagnetic waves at all. It would be similar to detect Indian smoke signals using a radio reciever."

Sigma, Project
A project started in 1954 to establish communication with aliens. The project is said to have succeeded in 1964 when a USAF officer met two aliens at a prearranged location in a desert in New Mexico. In the 1986 Defence Marketing Services Code Name Directory there is another Project Sigma listed as a "Top Secret Air Force program involving Rockwell International". Officially the Project has been identified as a laser weapon project.

Sign, Project
The first official USAF investigation and it started in January 1948. Founded to find out what UFOs were. The project ended in February 1049 and came up with the result that 20 % of all reports were unexplainable.

The SIGnals INTelligence section of the NSA.

Members of the Confederation of Humans. Also the name of the most luminous star in our night sky. Goes under the name Dog Star and in Egypt it is called Sothis. They used it to set the beginning and ending of a year. One year was called a Sothis Year and meassured about 365 days.

Smith, Wilbert B
In the 1950s Wilbert Smith was a senior radio engineer with the Canadian Government Department of Transport. Wilbert held a Masters degree in electrical engineering as well as several patents and he was a highley respected scientist. Wilbert Smith was the head engineer in the top secret Project Magnet established on 2nd December 1950. A project to look into magnetic theory relating to UFO Propulsion. In 1961 Wilbert Smith died.

Snowbird, Project
A top secret project established in 1972 and is still ongoing. It was established to researche, develope and implement alien spacecraft technology and test fly recovered UFOs. There is a theory about the UFO involved in the Cash/Lundrum case was a craft built by the Air Force as a part of the Project Snowbird. However the project is said to be a cover-up to put a shadow over the Redlight project. In the 1963 Gale Research's Code Names Dictionary there is another Project Snowbird listed as a "Joint Army/Air Force peacetime military exercise in the sub-arctic region in 1955".

Star Warriors
See Blues.

Steiger, Brad
Brad Stieger is the author of the following books: Mysteries Of Time and Space (1974), Other Worlds, Other Universes: Playing The Reality Game (1975), Philadelphia Experiment And Other UFO Conspiracies (1991), Project Bluebook (1976), The Fellowship and the The UFO Abductors (1988).

Stevens, Wendelle
Wendelle is a UFO Author and a believer of the Billy Meier story. Wendelles has written the following books: UFO Abduction At Maringa (1988), UFO Contact From Reticulum Update, UFO Contact From Reticulum Vol. 1 (1981), UFO Contact...Pleiades Sup.Rep (1982), UFO Photographs Around The World, Vol. 1, UFO Photographs Around The World, Vol. 2.

Strieber, Whitley
Whitley Striber is an author who started to write about his own eperiences as an abductee. One of Whitley Striebers books, Communion, has been made into a film. Strieber has written the following books: The Wolfen, Wolf of Shadows, Communion: A True Story (1987), Transformation: The Breakthrough (1988), Majestic (1989), Breakthrough: The Next Step (1995) and Billy.

Stringfield, Leonard
Leonard Stringfield was the one who created the term "UFO retrievals" and brought the subject to the public. Stringfield spent much of his time investigating this subject and wrote the following books on the same subject: The Ufo Crash-Retrieval Syndrome: Status Report Ii: New Sources (1980), The Ufo Crash/Retrievals: Amassing The Evidence - Status Report Iii (1982).

Sunberg, Jan-Ove
Jan-Ove was born in 1947, Sweden, and for the last 30 years he´s benn researching the UFO phenomenon. 1983-86 he was the Chief editor for "The Unknown" a Swedish title. He´s the author of the books "Phantom Submarines" and his latest work "The Great Lake Monster".


Throughout Northeast New Mexico a mysterious humming noise have been reported by the local residents. This could have a connection with some of the other strange phenomenas that occur along the New Mexico/Colorado border as strange lights, black helicopters and cattle mutilations. But there has not been any evidence of the origin of the humming reverbrating noise yet.

Tectonic Strain Theory
A theory that used to explain all kinds of mysteries like UFOs, ghosts, giant sea creatures and snowmen, and religious experiences. It´s based on the electromagnetic effects on the human brain and the physical environment. It´s the seismic activity that generates the electromagnetic radiation and it´s the radiation that fools the human mind. A second theory is that the EMM radiation can glow and look a bit like a flying saucer.

Todd, Richard
Richard Todd is a US ufologist and a member of CAUS. Todd has been working hard to obtain UFO related documents under the FOIA and he has managed to release hundreds of documents.

Townsend Brown, Thomas
Thomas Townsend Brown has been flying his own secret design of a metal disc for more than 30 years. The biggest reached about 30 inches in diameter. The discs were tethered to a mast or pole and the thin double discs flies in a circle around the pole all by itself. While flying it gave a low humming sound and it glowed in the dark with an eerie lavender light indicating their power which is a kind of electricity. The force that keeps the disc in the air is called "Electric Wind".

Tasmanian Unidentified Flying Object Investigation Centre.

Turner, Karla
Karla Turner was a ufologist and abduction researcher.

Twining, Nathan F
During World War II Twining was the Comander of bombing operations in both Europe and Pacific. In 1945 he was appointed Commanding-General of the Air Materiel Command, based at Wright Patterson AFB. Twining is said to have been one of the mambers of the MJ-12.

Twinkle, Project
A study of "green fireballs" seen in New Mexico. The Project was consulted by the astronomer Dr Lincoln LaPaz from the University of New Mexico. But every time the investigators arrived the fire balls disappeared and therefor they thought that they were controlled by some kind of intelligence and the project was shut down.


Unidentified Flying Object. It dosen´t have to be a spaceship, just something seen in the sky which can´t be explained. But of all the reports there´s just 10% that can´t be explained after very serious investigations. The other 90% are explained as either somekind of natural phenomenas or just devices made of man.

A UFO investigator.

The study of UFO phenomenas.

Same as extraterrestrial or alien abductors.

A UFO magazine published in Denmark.

The Swedish UFO organisation wich Clas Svahn is the president of.

UFO Times
A journal published by BUFORA with news about UFO reports from Britain and Europe.

United States Air Force.


Vandenberg, Hoyt S.
Vandenberg became the second Director of Central Intelligence in 1946 after a career in the Army Air Forces. This position he held on to until May 1947. In a 1948 Top Secret estimate called 'Estimate of the Situation' ATIC concluded that UFOs were interplanetary spaceships. But the document was ordered to be burned by Vandenberg in August 1948. Many attempts have been made by researchers under the FOIA to trace the 'Estimate of the Situation' but without any luck. He is one of the alleged members of the Majestic-12 group.

Vallee, Dr Jacques
Jacques Vallee was born in France were he learned astrophysics. Valle worked as an investigator in computer networking projects on the Department of Defense. In 1962 Vallee moved to the United States were he studied at the Nortwestern University and in 1967 he recieved his Ph.D in computer science. At this time Valle got to know Dr J. Allen Hynek and became a close associate to him. In 1973 Valle started the CUFOS with Dr J. Allen Hynek. later reshaped the Hynek Classification System to his own Vallee Classification System. Now Valle lives in San Francisco with his wife and two children. Valle got his interest in the UFO phenomena when he witnessed the destruction of tracking tapes at a major observatory. The tapes showed an unknown object orbiting the earth. Vallee has done many trips all over the world in his investigations into the UFO phenomena. Except that Valle has been all over the United States he has been to Scotland, France, Brazil, Australia and Russia. Vallee belives that UFOs come from both a physical and psychic origin and that some folklore creatures like the elves originated from aliens. In Steven Spielberg's film Close Encounters of the Third Kind Jaques Vallee served as a model for the character of the French scientist played by Francois Truffaut. Vallee has written the following books: Anatomy Of A Phenomenon: Unidentified Objects In Space (1974), Confrontations: A Scientist's Search For Alien Contact (1990), Dimensions: A Casebook Of Alien Contact (1988), Fastwalker (1996), Forbidden Science Journal, Forbidden Science : Journals 1957-1969 (1996), Messengers Of Deception: Ufo Contacts And Cults. (1979), Passport To Magonia: From Folklore To Flying Saucers (1969), Revelations: Alien Contact And Human Deception (1991) and the Ufo Chronicles Of The Soviet Union: A Cosmic Samizdat (1992).

Members of Confederation of Humans.

George Adamski reported several encounters with them In the early 1950s. He claims that they told him they were from Venus. It´s an alien race wich looks like the europeans. They are about 1,75m tall and they have gor blond hair. George was later revealed to have faked several UFO pictures that he had claimed that he´d photographed and the trust for him is rather vague.

According to the ancient Sanskrit texts the Vimanas were open topped flying devices wich the Indian gods and heroes fought with in the air.

Visit, Project
An unofficial NASA UFO study group. Visit Stands for Vehicle Internal System Investigative Team. Alan Holt is one of the involved.

Visitors Investigation Project
A project launched by Michael Lindemann to conduct and publish UFO research.


Walters, ED
Ed Walters lives in Gulf Breeze were he, his wife and hundreds of the residents have witnessed UFOs. Ed have taken several pictures of the UFOs and written the following books: The Gulf Breeze Sightings, UFO Abductions In Gulf Breeze (1994).

Whirlwind, Project
1948 M.I.T UFO Study.

Wingfield, George
George Wingfield studied at the Eton College and the Trinity College in Dublin. In 1966 Wingfield graduated with an MA Hons degree in Natural Sciences. After that he worked for the Royal Greenwich Observatory and later for IBM UK Ltd in the Systems Engineering field. Wingfield has done research in the Crop Circle phenomena and since 1987 he is one of the leading researchers on the subject. The interest in Crop Circles has lead George Wingfield into the subject of the UFO phenomena.

Winters, Randolph
Randolph is an author and has written The Pleidian Mission: A Time Of Awareness (1994).

The star in the book of revelation that fell on the earth when the "third angel" blew in his trumpet. Woormwood means bitterness.


The alien creature in the Alien movies with Sigourney Weaver.

US TV-series about two FBI agents that investigates the more suspect cases. Such as UFOs and other mysterious cases.


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Zamora, Lonnie
Lonnie Zamora worked as a sergeant at the Socorro Police Department. Friday 24 April 1964 he witnessed the Socorro landing in New Mexico. The investigation of the Socorro case was lead by Dr J. Allen Hynek with the FBI. The report on the case ended up in the Project Blue Book saying: "There is no doubt that Lonnie Zamora saw an object which left quite an impression on him. There is also no question about Zamora's reliability. He is a serious officer, a pillar of his church, and a man well versed in recognising airborne vehicles in his area. He is puzzled by what he saw, and frankly, so are we. This is the best documented case on record."

Zechal, Todd
Todd Zechal is a ufologist.

Zeta Reticuli
It´s a binary system located about 37 lightyears from earth. The third planet, the Barnard Star, in the Zeta system is claimed to be the home of the Greys, the ones that are about 4.5 feet tall. It was Identified and located by Betty and Barney Hill after a map drawn under regressive hypnosis. Robert Lazar also claims that the nine UFOs he saw in S-4 came from the Zeta Reticuli system.

Ziegel, Felix
Felix Ziegel is a famous ufologist from Soviet.